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Discussion on World Health Day 2019

Discussion on World Health Day 2019
April 8, 2019 Naym'din Roby

Today is 7th April, World health day. Theme for this year is Universal Health coverage: Everyone Everywhere. To achieve SDGs, UHC is the essential key. Equity and quality of service and protection from financial risk are the important components of UHC. Health is the basic fundamental human right. Commercialization of health care forces people towards poverty which violates human right.

Primary level health care needs to be more strengthen and functional to cover 75% of population. Integrated approach of health care will reduce health care cost. Preventive health care based services are to be emphasized to reduce financial burden as well. Vulnerable group like mother and child, elderly people, disable people, people of hard to reach area, homeless people are to be addressed with importance. School health program will educate and aware our future generation towards healthy lifestyle practices. NCDs’ care is very important to reduce overall morbidity and mortality.

Multi sectoral coordination for health related issues like nutrition, disaster management, road traffic management, food hygiene,air pollution, sound pollution, ICT, water and sanitation, violence, gender discrimination have vital role in building a healthy nation. Health care financing is another key factor which should be adequate, and rationally & equitably utilized. Corruption in every sector is a barrier and is to be eradicated to achieve UHC or SDGs.

So let us work together to do the needful in the best possible and feasible way with honesty and dedication for the interest of our motherland.



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