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Help for Flood Affected People

Help for Flood Affected People
July 22, 2019 Naym'din Roby

Bangladesh is currently suffering from a devastating flood, particularly affecting the northern districts of Gaibandha, Kurigram, etc. More than half a million people have already fallen a victim to this catastrophe and are passing through a miserable condition.


In this situation, as a public health civil society organization, with a clear objective of promoting the wellbeing of the general population, Public Health Foundation, Bangladesh (PHF,BD) cannot keep itself aloof. PHF,BD has already assessed the situation through its members and decided to organize a series of assistance drives in different Unions under Gaibandha District.


We are planning to distribute dry foods, necessary medicines, oral rehydration solutions, sanitary pads (Yes, sanitary pads), and other necessary staffs as identified by our quick situation analysis. A member of our Executive Committee, Ms. Tamanna Sharmin has already conducted the quick assessment and identified two Unions (Bhoratkhali- population 34,000; and Shaghata- 31,000), assessed the needs for different relief materials, and identified potential local contacts for relief distribution. Under her coordination, we are planning to distribute the materials from 25 to 27 July 2019.


Therefore, dear members, and whoever you are with a kind heart and an awake conscience, we like to request you to come forward with your generous contribution/ donation. Any amount, however small it may be, might contribute to saving the lives of the innocent babies, the loving mothers, and the helpless general populace. If you want to donate money, please BKash it to the following number, which is the number of the coordinator of this effort Ms. Tamanna Sharmin:


Bkash Number:  01743876133


If you want to donate medicine or anything else that you think may help, please call her in the given number and arrange a drop-off/ pick up. I particularly request our doctor friends to donate the medicine you receive from the representatives of different pharmaceutical companies. If you have good connections with them, you may even arrange a bulk medicine supply by one or more pharmaceutical companies.


BUT, whatever you do, please do it within the next three days, the earlier the better. Please donate your money, medicine, or anything else, no later than 23 July 2019, 6 PM.


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