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Dr. Samir Kumar Saha


Public Health Foundation of Bangladesh is an independent, autonomous, non-political & non-profitable organization and led by a group of well reputed, committed & dedicated physicians, researchers, clinicians, public health specialists and other multidisciplinary health professionals from home and abroad.

It aims to make a positive desirable change by establishing a fairer, more equitable and healthier society with the objectives of addressing priority public health challenges with activities, mobilizing resources, and delivering health services.

The main activities of this organization are focused on:

  • Promoting education and training
  • Supporting & conducting surveys, research to create evidences
  • Mobilizing resources
  • Building institutional capacity
  • Implementing health promotion activities
  • Offering technical assistance
  • Developing need-based programs, guidelines and policies
  • Disseminating information

Targeting the above mentioned activities Public health Foundation of Bangladesh has already conducted series of training programs on “Teaching Methodology, Research methodology, Epidemiology and biostatistics” for the young doctors, teachers, researchers of health science to generate an active and efficient workforce in health and other allied sectors. Also Various seminars and symposiums on “Social Accountability of Health Science Institutes and Public Health Education, Doctor-Patient Relation, Patient Safety, Violence against Women” etc had been organized by this organization to create awareness.

Periodic newsletters are also published every four monthly focusing the activities of the foundation and public health issues. Health services are being provided to both sick and healthy population of underprivileged and vulnerable group. Members regularly participate in the public health discussions in the mass media.

It runs a E-Journal named “South East Asia Journal of Public health” and a separate website (

Public Health Foundation believes in “Working Together”. It works in partnership with gov’t, non-govt & other stakeholders. Through continuous and sustaining efforts Public Health Foundation will fight the challenges towards building a “Healthy Bangladesh”.

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