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Dr. Samir Kumar Saha

About PHF


Public Health Foundation of Bangladesh (phfbd) is dedicated to achieve a healthy society by promoting an evidence-based public health system working in partnership with gov’t & other stakeholders through research, health promotion, training and technical assistance. phfbd is an independent, autonomous non-political & non-profitable organization and it is lead by a group of well reputed, devoted, committed & dedicated physicians, researchers, scientists, clinicians, teachers of medical & other health sciences, public health specialists, educationists, epidemiologists, dentists, pharmacists, environmentalists, sociologists nurses and others healthcare & health personnel who are nationally and internationally renowned in their own fields. We are proactive & committed to support innovations to generate evidence-based information to build effective institutional capacity and increase the efficiency of public health management and performance. We are determined to make a change by establishing a fairer, more equitable and healthier society by addressing priority public health challenges with activities, mobilizing resources, and delivering programs. We will build a healthy nation & bring changes in the total health scenario of Bangladesh & in the region.


Promote an evidence-based public health system that protects and promotes health of the people of Bangladesh through research, health promotion, training and technical assistance.

Develop effective public health infrastructures for organizational management and performance with partnership with Government, National and International stake holders through applied public health systems research.

Fostering the development of a new community of public health leadership through establishing Public Health University and Public Health Institutions in Bangladesh.

Act as a think tank to support national authority on developing evidence-based policy on health and health related issues.

Act as an advocacy platform to promote public health education, service and research.
Act as a national research and resource centre to create evidences in support of decision making through identifying priorities and opportunities, mobilizing resources, and delivering programs to build a healthy future for Bangladesh.

Act as a distance learning and e-learning center and as a centre for continuing education in Public Health for continuing professional development.
Engage in technical consultancy and event management in on health and health related issues.

Establish effective collaboration with National and International universities, institutions, organizations including UN agencies e.g. WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA etc. to implement programs and activities and promote capacity building in Public Health and allied sectors.


The health care system needs a new generation of competent and committed public health workers who will create evidences & support evidence-based policy decisions in strengthening the health care system with infrastructure & other logistics, and take up need based programs to improve the quality of life of the people of Bangladesh. To realize this dream phfbd is engaged in:

  • Promoting education and training
  • Supporting & conducting surveys, research to create evidences
  • Mobilizing resources
  • Building institutional capacity
  • Implementing health promotion activities
  • Offering technical assistance
  • Developing need-based programs, guidelines and policies
  • Disseminating information

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